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Whatever Your Vision, It Can Be Brought To Life On Our Yacht
When you start planning to rent a yacht, the first point of contact is “MyGlobal Yacht Rental”. The job of “MyGlobal Yacht Rental” goes far beyond financial negotiations. We know the yachts inside out: the crews, the chefs, the captains, the onboard culture. The yacht needs to be the right fit for how you want to spend your time on board, whether that’s relaxing with your family by the hot-tub, jumping in the tender to discover new areas each day, enjoying a high-octane week of watersports, diving and partying with a group of friends, or a combination of all of these.
One of the main reasons for choosing a yacht is the opportunity to hand pick all aspects of the experience. Where you go. What you eat. Which Champagne you drink. Which toys are in the garage. “MyGlobal Yacht Rental” will works closely with you and the yacht captain to put together an itinerary of beaches, anchorages, cities and villages that you want to visit.
Repeat customers will often return to a yacht because of a fantastic crew. Every yacht is different, and every crew creates a unique atmosphere onboard. They can be relaxed and friendly or silent and discreet. Some are specialised watersports or yoga instructors, some are qualified massage and beauty therapists. Some are great with kids. Crew are fully briefed for your arrival and sign strict privacy agreements. Many yachts have cabins for guests’ own nannies and extra personal staff. “MyGlobal Yacht Rental” ensures the crew looking after you fits your personality.
Fresh seafood and produce from local markets in the Med, combined with the skills of a top chef who knows your tastes. Dining in stunning settings with your favourite people is one of the greatest pleasures. A preferences form is your chance to detail everything you want to eat and drink onboard. Is there a particular type of chocolate or smoked salmon you love? Chefs will ensure every Guest, including those on special food plans, eats something delicious.